Northwoods Casket Company

We build quality handcrafted caskets and deliver to every funeral home in Wisconsin with next day (and sometimes same day) white glove delivery service.

All our caskets and urns are handcrafted in Wisconsin.
We choose sustainability in everything we do. All of our caskets and cremation urns are handcrafted in Wisconsin by the hands of our local craftsmen and women. We use only local lumber sources that follow sustainable forestry practices. We air dry our own lumber. Our paints and wood finishes are 100% non-toxic, VOC-free, and safe for our team, for you, and for the environment. All casket interiors are sewn by our team right here in Wisconsin from natural, biodegradable, and sustainable fabrics including cotton, organic cotton, Lyocell (a very soft wood pulp based fabric), linen, hemp, and blends. We do not use polyester or other synthetic derivatives for our interiors.

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