Non-Profit of the Year Nomination

The Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce recognizes a Business, Citizen and a Non-Profit of the Year at the organization's Annual Meeting, held each January. The organizations and individual are recognized for prior years of service or commitment to the community. The Business and Non-Profit of the Year must have their primary or a satellite location physically located within the geographic boundaries of the City of Beaver Dam, or one of the surrounding townships. In order to qualify as a non-profit, an organization must include their federal tax ID number. The Citizen of the Year must either live in the City of Beaver Dam or one of the surrounding townships, or work at a location within the City of Beaver Dam or one of the surrounding townships. Chamber membership is not required to be considered any of the recognitions

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Please describe why you believe this business, individual or this non-profit is deserving of special recognition by the Chamber of Commerce. No other materials, nor additional pages of description, will be allowed in the review process. All fully completed nominations will be considered. The Annual Selection Committee, made up of past recipients, the chamber President and the chamber Executive Director will recommend the recipients for recognition to the Board of Directors which will ratify those selected for recognition. No individual serving on the Selection Committee, nor the organization they represent, may be eligible to receive any of the recognitions.

Past Recipients

2004-2008 Award category nonexistent
2005 Award category nonexistent
2006 Award category nonexistent
2007 Award category nonexistent
2008 Award category nonexistent
2009 Women's Affiliate
2010 Wayland Academy
2011 American Legion Post
2012 Beaver Dam Community Hospital
2013 Church Health Services
2014 Clothes 4 Kids
2015 The YMCA of Dodge County
2016 BDACT
2017 Green Valley Enterprises
2018 Beaver Dam Area Arts Association
2019 St. Vincent de Paul Society of DC